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unsafe drinking water is the biggest killer of children under the age of five

Our vision
In working with indigenous teams in developing nations we have witnessed the devastating effects of dehydration and water-borne diseases. This challenged us to develop a solution to the problem which needed to be both practical, environmentally friendly and socially relevant. We have now demonstrated in numerous situations that we have achieved this aim. The use of Cleanwater kits has changed the quality of life for thousands of adults and children.

Global warming
However, access to clean water isn't only a problem in the Third World. Scientists predict an increase in severe weather conditions across the world due to global warming. In many parts of the world we are experiencing severe weather where thousands of homes can be cut off from a supply of clean drinking water for several days at a time.

Outdoor living
Finally, for those who enjoy travelling, camping, caravanning and 4x4 offroading, access to suitable drinking water isn't always an option. In all these circumstances our vision is to provide clean and safe drinking water to improve health and well-being.

Social responsibility
The Cleanwater systems offer an environmentally friendly solution as they do not require a power source or the use of chemicals for effective water purification. The use of cleanwater kits also reduces the wastage of plastic bottles that are so commonly left behind after water distribution, in areas where the resources for efficient recycling of waste are often not available.

We believe our systems are a simple, effective solution to a global problem.

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