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high efficiency, low cost, ready to
use, no power required, light-weight

The Cleanwater kits are simple and highly effective water purification kits. The Cleanwater kits are light weight, compact for transportation and easy to assemble at the point of use, providing clean water from virtually any freshwater source within minutes.

The Cleanwater kits are competitively priced yet highly effective across a range of situations including:

• Domestic water emergencies
• Travel , camping, caravanning and 4x4 offroading
• Emergency aid/relief

Cleanwater kits product range:

Static kit Cleanwater Bag Kit
Bag filtration system ideal for individual or small group use. Filters up to 5 litres p/h.
Static kit Cleanwater Static Kit
Simple and robust household water treatment system for group use. Filters up to 10 litres p/h.

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